Your questions answered

I've never driven on a racing circuit before. Are there instructors?
Are spectators allowed?
What equipment do you provide?
Iím organising a work event. Can I can read your health and safety policy?
Do I need to bring my driving license?
Is there somewhere I can buy food at the track?
Are there toilets at the site?
How long does racing last?
What can I expect when I turn up?
Is my deposit refundable on cancellation?
What are your opening times?

Please note, anyone who has consumed alcohol prior to racing will not be permitted to drive.



GoProKart puts its money where its mouth is with this exceptional offer. If, within the first 5 minutes of racing, you decide you’re not fit enough, or that the racing is too hard or fast, we will refund your entire payment!


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Winter doesn’t have to mean long dark nights and hibernation in front of the telly! Our new flood lit circuit allows you to race until 9.00pm, six days a week. Click here to view ProKart’s Night Riders!